Movies are becoming more splintered these days, with genres melding and terms straining to describe them. One of the latest to gain popularity is Horror Comedy.

What is Horror Comedy?

Horror Comedy is exactly what it sounds like: a mix of horror and comedy elements. These will be movies that have a horror setting or surround the events of a killer but take a light tone and incorporate other comedic elements. While there is a general premise of horror interspersed with jump scares and elements of gore, horror comedies tend to be meta and self-referential, bringing the audience in on the joke. It is a natural melding of two human emotions that reside on different sides of the same coin.

Why You Should Watch Horror Comedy

Horror comedies are gaining in popularity because they can be made on a low budget and allow for more creative control from the director. Time travel, magic, slapstick, and shock are all on the table in a horror comedy. It also elicits one of the strongest responses from audiences, allowing them to be scared of their fears before laughing them off. There is creativity in understanding how to undermine the audience’s perspective and preconceived notions, and horror comedies are rife with challenging those norms.

Popular Horror Comedy Films

The Evil Dead is one of the first popular horror comedy movies, a darkly comedic take on the “cabin in the woods” trope. Tucker and Dale Versus Evil lampoons the murderous hillbilly trope. Happy Death Day is a fun yet emotional take on murder, time travel, and grief. Most recently, Freaky is a send-up of Freaky Friday, with a girl switching bodies with a serial killer instead of her mom.