Although we may jump as if we’re about to flee in terror, something about a good horror film continues to magnetically attract us back to them.

Some might say, it seems as if it is almost by magic.

This magic persists, ambivalently. Until, after hazarding a glimpse, you’ll quickly note the glaringly evident key commonalities. Still, most viewers would never notice them.

Even though these concepts bridge a gap between the greats, it’s easy to get lost amidst the gory jump-scares of most modern masterpieces.

Five Poignant Perspectives to the Fuel Those Coveted Nightmares

To begin, we’ll cover what we believe to be among the most universal elements found in horror throughout history. Of course, the specifics change depending on which culture Wrote the tale. Still, it doesn’t take an anthropologist to detect shared storylines. From the Goths to the Seleucids, fears have been a driving factor in man’s quest for entertainment since the dawn of antiquity.

  • Fear of Death:
    Above all, the most universal equalizer in our society would undoubtedly be death. Even the most insurmountable lead disparate cultures showcase either fear or reverence for it. Since motion pictures first lit up the screen, directors have been playing with our most fundamental collective fear.
  • Fear of Loss or Pain: Although pain and loss may not seem much different, as you consider the implications, the distinctions between them are as evident as a flat tire. To lose something, now that’s a concept with enough breadth for the aspirant directors.
  • Fear of the Unknown: Even more basal, the unknown is among the most formless fears found in man. Dating back to the time of Cato the Elder, men have been driven mad by mere murmurs from dark shadows.
  • Dissonance and Discord: Have you ever felt like things just weren’t right? If so, then the dangling tendrils of cognitive dissonance were beginning to sow a psychic maelstrom. When things just don’t add up, even if you can’t quite put your finger on it, it’s impossible to settle the mind.
  • The Unnatural or Supernatural: Finally, even in technocratic civilizations, there still exists a belief among the populace. A belief in forces so powerful its beyond our imagination. From the Fertile Crescent to the Western frontier, we’ve been captivated by tales of unnatural forces, which tear us asunder.