We’ve all heard the phrase that 2020 was a horror film in itself. As people kept thinking that the year would unravel like some Walking Dead real-life experience, we realized that the actual horror was still waiting for us in the theatres. If you are an adrenaline junky, here are a few horror films from 2020 to tickle your fancy when you think back on that horrible, terrible year.

The Host

Set in quarantine, the film showcases friends who have decided to connect through a zoom call. In one of their zoom meetings, one of them, Haley, hires a medium. They then summon a spirit together but brush it off as being a joke. When the medium drops the call, the friends admit to feeling some weird phenomena happening around them. It so happens that they summoned a spirit named “Jack” that keeps attacking them. The spirit attacks them all one by one as they fall to their death.

His House

The Netflix film focuses on two refugees, Bol and Rial, who escaped South Sudan into the UK with their daughter Nyagak. Their daughter died on the ship as they were crossing. When the couple gets to the UK, they are given a house, although they were warned that they might get deported. The two start seeing strange things happening in their home. They see visions of Nyagak and a mysterious man disappearing in walls. After figuring out what to do and finding no solution, the couple decides to live with the ghosts from their past in their new home.

Gretel and Hansel

If you are a fan of this story from our childhood, you will love the horror version of it as well. The movie follows siblings who had to fend for themselves after their mother went mad. They meet a friendly owner who turns out to be different from what they suspected.